Material for Basildon & Phoenix swimmers.  Training log documents are available here plus information on our Teaching Plan plus drugs and nutrition information.

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Drugs Information

Amongst the information on drugs and drug testing proffered by British Swimming, you can now access the DID (Drugs Information Database) UK Sport Page.  The DID provides easily accessible and accurate responses to queries about the status in sport of licensed pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicinal products available in the UK and Canada.  The status of the substances in this database reflects the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list and results are shown as one of the following outcomes: not prohibited, prohibited, prohibited - particular sports.

Before consuming any drug, substance or medication product, athletes should always check its WADA Prohibited List status.  The product list is available on the 100%ME website. See also the latest ASA ‘100% ME’ newsletter.

Training Log Documents

Here is where you can find replacement sheets for your training logbook.  Right click on the links below to download or print them yourself.

National Teaching Plan

Most swimming teaching programmes are based on the ASA National Plan for Teaching swimming (NPTS).  This scheme takes the non-swimmer from first splash to developing increasing confidence and competence in the water.  It includes a foundation stage, seven progressive general stages followed by three further specialised stages specific to particular swimming disciplines (Competitive Swimming, Diving, Syncro, Water Polo).

We currently provide the opportunity to develop through an aquatic route using the NPTS from Stages 8 to 10 in Competitive Swimming.   

A brief overview of Stages 1 - 7:

Nutrition Information

Do Sports Drinks Really Work?  (Times article)

Swimming Nutrition, Diets for Swimmers, Swim Parents, and Swim Coaches

Simple Nutritional guidelines for Swimming (Centre for Sport & Exercise Science)

Nutrition - The latest Wisdom on Supplements

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